Folktale Fantasy Real-Time Strategy City-building Game Available Soon On Steam

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Early access on August 19!

By Aug. 1, 2019


The world of Trollskog is an endless dark forest, teeming with mythical creatures: some friendly, others not.

Out of every interaction emerges a delicate system, while a dangerous new force threatens to destroy balance.


In Trollskog, your villagers can be socketed to buildings to harvest or refine resources, produce equipment and weaponry, or conduct trade.

Plan your settlements well, and reap the rewards.


Build settlements deeper into the heart of the forest, or go where your quest takes you.

Restore the order that has been lost... Or create a new balance that suits you better.

Developed by Andreas Carlson, with music composed by Shane Rutherfoord-Jones, and sound effects by Tyler Kerr and Daniel Wallén.

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Recent devlog posts

Early access on August 19!

For the first time, Trollskog is swinging open its doors and inviting you to share in the experience. On August 19th, the game will be available world-wide on Steam for Windows PC.
This is an early access release, which means the game is not yet content complete, but it is in a stable and playable state.
If you would like to participate in the community as the game continues to grow, you are welcome to join us!

Unit showcase - The berserker

The berserker is a new addition to the earlygame, capable of quickly engaging ranged enemies and delivering solid damage.
Equip him with a blunt club for an immobilizing stun, or an axe for maximum damage.

Steam store page opens up!

Some time ago, Trollskog was greenlit on steam. Finally, the store page has been published.

There'll be more details to come on this site, but we're open for wishlisting!
Additionally, the next test release will be moving on to the Steam platform, so the alpha accounts on this site will be replaced by steam beta keys.
If you registered an account here previously, you should be expecting an email within a few weeks.
If you didn't register, well, it's not too late...

To the walls

Walls and towers are a staple of real-time-strategy games, and Trollskog wouldn't be complete without them.
Here's a sneak preview of this latest feature:
(Click the image for full-res)

Placing archers on the walls will help keep those frontier settlements well-defended.

Hark! A village!

You've signed up for the alpha, right?

... Good, because big things are stirring!