About Trollskog

Troll Cross

Trollskog is a folk-tale fantasy city-builder strategy game due to be released for Windows PC in 2019.

The game draws inspiration from many real-time-strategy classics, while combining the best aspects of city-builders with the clever design of modern boardgames.

Core gameplay features

The possibilities of a limitless world

Unlike traditional strategy games, Trollskog does not confine you to arbitrary map borders. Have you ever wondered what mountains and lakes, tribes and abandoned villages, ruined castles and strange cultures lie outside the map?

Thanks to the on-the-fly procedural generation script, there will always be more unmet kingdoms looking to trade, strange cities with even stranger quests, and unknown regions for you to explore.

Goals and objectives

The governor of a neighboring village requests your help in defending their trade routes from troll packs. Will you come to his aid?

Or will you assist the troll matriarch in defending her lands from that same governor’s encroaching settlements?

Consider carefully before you proceed, because actions have consequences...

The bigger picture

The world of Trollskog is colored by the entire spectrum of diplomacy: Deals, trades and agreements come together to form a tapestry of relationships. You decide how to deal with your neighbors, but ultimately, if resources run scarce and tempers run high, there will be war.

Antipattern Studios

Stockholm-based Antipattern Studios was founded by Andreas Carlson in 2015, for the purposes of creating an innovative new real time strategy game, Trollskog.

We now have enthusiasts, testers, collaborators and contributors from around the world, who were raised on classic strategy games such as Warcraft 3, Civilization and Age of Empires, and are now working together to bring this type of classic strategy gameplay back to life.


Trollskog is being developed by Andreas Carlson, with music by Shane Rutherfoord-Jones.

Special thanks to Tyler and Danya for their work sound effects.

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