Steam store page opens up!

Some time ago, Trollskog was greenlit on steam. Finally, the store page has been published.

There'll be more details to come on this site, but we're open for wishlisting!
Additionally, the next test release will be moving on to the Steam platform, so the alpha accounts on this site will be replaced by steam beta keys.
If you registered an account here previously, you should be expecting an email within a few weeks.
If you didn't register, well, it's not too late...

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To the walls

Walls and towers are a staple of real-time-strategy games, and Trollskog wouldn't be complete without them.
Here's a sneak preview of this latest feature:
(Click the image for full-res)

Placing archers on the walls will help keep those frontier settlements well-defended.

Hark! A village!

You've signed up for the alpha, right?

... Good, because big things are stirring!

Generating the maps Trollskog

An article on the procedural generation engine was recently featured on IndieDB:

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Homage to the classics

Trollskog owes a lot to the old-school RTS legends that pioneered the genre, and the forest is filled with loving homages for you to discover... You'll know them when you find them!