About Trollskog

Trollskog is an independent 4X folktale fantasy real-time strategy city-building game, with a large open world filled with mystery to explore and conquer. The game aims to lift the fog of war beyond the edges of the map, and create a novel experience at the intersection of citybuilders, 4X strategy and traditional RTS.

The focus is on building a village, crafting an economic engine, and interacting with the creatures of the game world - which is filled with towns, both friendly and hostile, NPCs and quest-givers.

The game is built with a fully custom engine to support the specific needs of a large-scale RTS with streaming open world terrain and thousands of agents on screen.

An early access release is slated for August 19, which will initially be single-player and Windows-only.


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Andreas Carlson - Developer

Shane Rutherfoord-Jones - Music, freelancer

Daniel Wallén - Audio, freelancer


Send an email to trollskoggame at gmail.com or tweet Andreas at @OftenABird